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Advertising on the EDIdEv website can offer many advantages to businesses doing EDI especially if they offer EDI programming services.  Below are some advantages to advertising on our website:

  • Your banner advertisement can target our visitors of our website that are mostly EDI users looking for customized EDI solutions.

  • You design and create your own banner, which is unlike the generic banners on search engines.

  • If you purchase a space on a page, your banner will always show up when the page is viewed.  Therefore, we offer more reliable visibility of your advertisement than some search engines where your banner may not appear depending on your ranking.

  • Fees are a flat rate and affordable.  You do not get into a bidding war that can increase your marketing expenses astronomically.


Creating Your Banner
Your banner must be a GIF or JPG file and cannot be larger than 10KB.  Animation and blinking characters are not allowed.  The width of the banner must be 180 pixels, and the height must be 70 pixels.  (Frame around the box included.)  Below is a blank template of an allowable banner size.



Location of Your Advertisement
The banner of your advertisement will appear on the gray right column margin of the webpage you have chosen.  (See location of banner Example 1 and Example 2 on this webpage.)  The order of the banners will be rotated every week.  Each week,  the top banner will be moved to the bottom of the order.  There will be a maximum of 8 banners per webpage.  (Some webpages may have less space, therefore the maximum number of banners will be less.)


Fees are a flat rate and billed monthly.  The monthly cost to advertise will differ on the webpage you've chosen to have your banner displayed.

For our customers that already own a  Framework EDI developer license (Professional or  Enterprise License), the cost is:

  • The home page or index page is $50 a month.  

  • All other webpages is $20 a month.  

For companies that do not own the Framework EDI developer license, the cost is:

  • The home page or index page is $150 a month.  

  • All other webpages is $70 a month.  

For example, if you own a Framework EDI license and want your banner to appear on the home page at http://www.edidev.com/ ($50) and on our Business X12 webpage at http://www.edidev.com/prog_guide_bus.htm ($20), the monthly fee will be $70


Our website gets about a little more than 10,000 visits a month (as reported by Webalizer Usage Statistics).  


Placing an Order to Advertise
If you wish to advertise on our website, please email to sales@edidev.com the following:

  • Your company information.

  • Your banner in GIF file or JPG and a destination URL when clicked on.

  • The links of the webpages you want your banner to appear.

  • The date range of when you want to advertise on our website.



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