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Framework EDI uses SEF files so as to support all X12 and UN/EDIFACT standard EDI files.  SEF (Standard Exchange Format) files are machine-readable, standard format text files of EDI implementation guidelines.  The standard format of the SEF makes it possible for programs to easily parse, obtain and make use of the implementation guideline contained in them.  However, in its raw format, SEF files are quite difficult to read as shown below.


But with the SEF Manager utility, a SEF file can be viewed more clearly, and be understood much easier by displaying it in a hierarchical tree format as shown below:


Or, the SEF file can be viewed in the typical format layout of  most implementation guideline documentation as shown below. 


By making SEF files comprehendible to you, they become immediately usable to both you and your program.  This gives the SEF format an advantage over all the other formats because the SEF makes it possible for both you and your EDI program to directly obtain the information of an implementation guideline from just one source - the SEF file. 

The SEF Manager also allows you to create or modify SEF files.  For more details, please visit http://www.edidev.com/articles/createIG/HowToCreateIG.html.

    EDIdEv SEF Manager Utility


Editing a SEF file for a more accurate EDI validation


Adding a Value List in a SEF file for better EDI validation

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