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The eFilemanager

The eFileManager is a utility for viewing ANSI X12 and UN/EDIFACT EDI files in a user-friendly readable format.  It does this by parsing an  EDI file, and then displaying its loops, segments, elements and codes along with their descriptions and values in a hierarchical tree for better reading.

Below is the same EDI file viewed in its raw format with a text editor.  From this example, one cannot distiguish the values in the BHT segment as clealry as when the segment is read with the eFileManager (shown above).

The eFilemanager can also validate an EDI file in accordance with its corresponding SEF file.  If any discrepancies are found, the eFileManager will report them as errors.  You can also double click on an error message, which will highlight an area in the document where the error occured.  This can be helpful when troubleshooting EDI files that do not comply to the standard.

The eFileManager utility can also be used to edit EDI files, and has an option to convert them into free-form XML files.


    EDIdEv eFileManager Utility


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