EDIdEv - Electronic Data Interchange Development

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HIPAA EDI solutions.  Includes example programs and sample implementation guideline for EDI 837P, 837I, 835, 834 271, 276 etc...

Retail/Business X12 EDI
Example programs that demonstrate how to construct, translate and acknowledge EDI X12 files commonly used in business transactions e.g. 810 Invoice, 850 Purchase Order, 856 ASN, 997 etc...

Transportation X12 EDI
Sample programs that show how to process EDI X12 files with industry specifications for Transportation and US Customs e.g. 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender, 210 Carrier Freight Details, 309 US Customs Manifest and 350 US Customs Status Information EDI files etc...

Education X12 EDI
Example programs that demonstrate how to construct, and translate EDI X12 file relating to Education e.g. 130 Student Educational Record, 131 Transcript Acknowledgment, 147 Response to Request (Student Transcripts) etc...

Web EDI Application
Run and download sample ASP .NET programs that generate, translate, validate and acknowledge EDI files...

Programming an EDI Translator

Programming an EDI Generator

Acknowledging an EDI file with a 997

Sample programs that show how to use Framework EDI to process UN/EDIFACT EDI and EANCOM documents e.g. INVOIC Invoice Message, ORDERS, CONTRL etc...

Useful EDI Programs
Example programs showing many ways of creating an EDI solution e.g. translating an EDI file into Excel, validating an EDI document in Word, splitting an EDI Interchange, and converting EDI to XML etc...

Programming suggestions when using the Framework EDI (FREDI) components in .NET. 

Security X12.58
Sample programs that show how to encrypt and decrypt EDI X12 files using X12.58 security standard.

EDI Transmission
Describing the many ways of sending EDI files by FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP and EDIINT AS2.