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Framework EDI Evaluation
Email us for a full featured evaluation copy of the Framework EDI.  Incudes an EDI parser component, and utilities that manages EDI files and its implementation guideline.

Read how the eFileManager utility can be used for viewing, editing and troubleshooting EDI files.

Our EDI analyzer utility validates large X12 and UN/EDIFACT EDI files.

SEF Manager
Read how our SEF Manager can be used for viewing implementation guidelines that are in standard exchange format (SEF), and editing it to include your own EDI specifications.

SM Plug-In
Download an evaluation copy of our SEF Manager Plug-in.  This optional module is a tool that can generate source codes, sample EDI files and table SQL scripts using information from a SEF file.

The eSecurityConsole utility manages digital certificates used for securing EDI files...

Runtime Files
Ready to deploy your EDI solution?  Ask for an evaluation copy of the Framework EDI runtime license...

SEF Files
What is SEF?  Get more details about the Standard Exchange Format, as well as download sample SEF files...



"I am surprised how good FREDI really is - a perfect object model." - F. Halim from Task Performance Group Inc.

"You have an awesome program, we have been using it for about a month and it has made my life 100% easier." - E. Ward from websitePipeline


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